Youth MPs give message for Youth Day Celebrations

Post Date: August 18, 2016 Categories: Author: upfya

Youth MPs have released a Press Statement on the commemoration of the International Youth Day Celebrations 2016 and the Youth Week activities. Every year on 12th August, Uganda joins the rest of the world to commemorate the contribution of young people to the development of their countries and the whole world at large. This year’s youth day celebrations will be held in West Nile, Koboko district under the theme: “The Road to 2030; Eradicating poverty and achieving sustainable production and consumption.”
The Youth legislators are concerned about the Youth Livelihood Programme which is faced with a number of challenges, the National Youth Policy that has been under review for the last 5 years yet it is meant to guide the operational frameworks for youth programme implementation and the labour exportation of young men and women to Middle East which according to them must be streamlined.
In addition, the youth leaders reminded the President of Uganda about a number of promises made regarding youth priorities that need to be honored as a way of supporting youth productivity such as the distribution of sanitary pads in schools and the construction of Sports Training Facilities to develop the sports industry which has potential to absorb millions of young Ugandans. Find the full statement at