Students want government to expedite the passing of the Graduate Service Bill

Post Date: February 10, 2017 Categories: Author: upfya

The National Youth Manifesto 2016-2021 developed by youth actors sets the bar for youth demands and is a tool for youth engagement with government. The NYM premises on five key thematic issues namely jobs, education, health, youth participation in governance and creative arts and sports. UPFYA has been taking a lead in engaging different government MDAs and Parliament to ensure that matters affecting the youth are of priority in government planning and implementation of programs.

UPFYA held a consultative meeting with university students and their leaders so as to consolidate their input in the proposed Graduate service Bill which is looked at as a way of tackling unemployment among fresh young graduates.

The students were very optimistic about the bill however majority of them expressed concerns about the selection criteria of the beneficiaries as well as the sustainability of the scheme.

One of the students said “We have seen so many government programs with good intentions fail due to lack of funds and mismanagement.”  “If government cannot even pay its civil servants in time then what guarantee do we have that the interns will not suffer?”  He added.

The National Graduate service is being drafted and it will be introduced as a Private member’s Bill.