UPFYA turns to live radio broadcast debates to reach more young people in rural areas

Post Date: February 10, 2017 Categories: Author: upfya

UPFYA through the live radio broadcast debates embarked on journey of providing more platforms for the young people to present and discuss the issues deemed important to them. The set up of these radio debates is that young people and other actors such as community leaders convene in town hall already set up for the live radio broadcast on preferred station within the community so that as the debate is going on within the hall, other listeners can follow by tuning in the station and also be in position to contribute.

Recently, UPFYA organized two radio debates in Mityana and Bushenyi and the leaders as well as the young people appreciated the concept.

Mr. Wotonava Fred, Mayor Central Division, Mityana district said “This is a very wonderful initiative for our young people and we pray that UPFYA will organize more of such engagements in our district.”  “I can’t believe that even young people in their gardens can now tune in this radio station and follow the debate while digging.” the mayor added.

This approach is also looked at as a more effective way to reach out more young people in the informal sector.