Youth leaders demand for funding so as to have functional Youth Councils

Post Date: September 4, 2017 Categories: Author: upfya

The International Youth Day is a global event celebrated every year on August 12 to recognize efforts of the government in enhancing global response to young people’s needs. It also aims to promote ways to engage the youth in becoming more actively involved in making positive contributions to their countries and communities.

This year’s celebrations were held at Bubukwanga Primary School, Bundibugyo district under the theme “Youth Building Peace”.  The celebrations were dedicated to celebrating young people’s contributions to conflict prevention and transformation as well as inclusion, social justice, and sustainable peace.

Prior to the main International Youth Day celebrations youth leaders  on 11th August 2017 held the National Youth Council meeting at Kagote Hall in Fort Portal town where they discussed matters concerning them.

During the meeting the youth leaders noted that they face numerous challenges among which is the inadequate funding which grossly affects their operations.   One of the youth leaders noted that “We received little funds to monitor the youth programs in our districts. “ The leaders called upon government to fulfill the presidential pledge of Shs 4.5 billion towards the youth councils so as to render them functional.

In addition, the youth leaders also moved a motion to amend the NYC Act so as to lift the age of a youth from 30 to 35 years.

The National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) executive director Dr. Samuel Mugasi encouraged the youth to embrace agriculture and he noted that every district would receive 16 heifers for the district youth leaders. He also remarked that the youth would be trained so as they become model farmers in their respective districts.