What is the National Youth Manifesto?

The National Youth Manifesto, is a set of policy demands by Young Ugandans calling on government to create the conditions that enable them to flourish and make the best possible contribution to the development of the country. It is a set of priority demands that call on government to create an enabling policy framework that allows youth to harness their potential and to benefit from available opportunities. The National Youth Manifesto provides an opportunity for the country to adopt a youth-led approach to development and achieve the National Vision of “A transformed Ugandan society from a peasant to a modern and prosperous country within 30 years”.

How was the National Youth Manifesto created?

Thousands of young Ugandans from across the country were consulted on the key issues, the problems they are facing and the solutions that can make a difference. YCED sifted the feedback, analysed the context, organised multiple forums to debate and refine, and produced the Manifesto. YCED comprises like-minded youth-led and youth-focused organisations whose mandate is to mobilise and organize young people in Uganda to participate in a legitimate and peaceful electoral process that is respected by all.

Why the National Youth Manifesto?

78% of the population of Uganda is 30 and under; 50% of the population is 15 and under. If Uganda is to achieve its Vision 2040 it must harness its youthful population. We the youth of the country demand that this is done but with our participation so we can make our full contribution. This Manifesto is our tool to shape policy proposals in the run up to the 2016 election and hold government to account through the next parliament but it is also a means of encouraging active and lawful youth participation in the electoral process.

Who does the National Youth Manifesto target?

Political Parties: the Manifesto presents policy demands for inclusion in party manifestos.

Government: we are advocating to government now and intend to hold the 2016-21 government accountable – is it making enough of its youthful population?

Youth: this is a your tool to demand measures from your elected representatives and government officers that will make a difference to your lives, allow you full participation, and provide you with the opportunities you need.

Citizens of Uganda: we the youth have a great deal to offer – we are the solution not the problem

Candidates for election (Parliament, Local Government and National Youth Council): if you want the youth vote don’t ignore this Manifesto.


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